Vintage Pond Yachts, your Scottsdale home for A Class and M Class models!

Welcome to Vintage Pond Yachts. Pond yachts have a rich history of colorful designers and builders and equally impressive small boats. I will explore some of these designs in these pages. The companion site will explore the construction of these designs. I will provide links to information as available on other builders and designs. This webpage is primarily for my exploration, however you can join in the search and watch my progress. I am in no way an expert on this subject, and will defer to others who have more knowledge when appropriate. So in that vein, lets start exploring.

Boats to consider...

   A 1936 M class yacht designed by W. J. Daniels

   Designer unknown at this time. See Charles Blumes contstruction journal for more information on this yacht at "PondYacht.Net"

   A 1936 M class yacht designed by Ted Houk. As noted in the archives of the U.S. Vintage Model Yacht Group, Teds innovations made Riptide possibly the pinnacle of free-sailing M class boats.

   A vintage Marblehead designed by H. E. Richardson